"Raising Jack Russell Terrier puppies is our greatest pleasure ~ Breeding the Irish Connemara remains our greatest responsibility”

Do you think you live too far from Maine? Our Irish Jack Russell Terriers live across the country. We have terriers in New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Michigan, Ohio, Maine, California and more. If you don’t live near us, we will try to work with you to get your pup to you safe and sound. For example: We have a courier who can meet you on the road, part way if you live in or near New York, New Jersey. If you live in Florida, there are several direct flight options available. If you are in Ohio or Virginia, maybe you want to drive part way and meet our courier as well? Or fly in for the weekend? We will try to accommodate you as best we can. It isn’t as difficult as you might think…half of our families live a great distance away. Give us a ring and let’s chat about the details.

Worth the Read

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It took us years to write and build this website. It was painstakingly put together for you - To educate and help families when looking for a breeder for their first, or perhaps next Jack Russell Terrier.

In this section of our website we have devoted a few pages to help prospective puppy families and save them a lot of headache or heartbreak later. Try to take a little time to scan down through each page. You will be glad you did so.

While we feel we are a top breeder of Jack Russells, we are not the only breeder. Please take your time and do your research before purchasing a Jack Russell Terrier from anyone.

We, at Connemara, breed a very specific Irish line of short-legged Jack Russell Terriers. If you decide this is not what you are looking for, we wish you the best in your continued search for the perfect dog. No matter what breed you decide upon or where you get your next puppy, we hope you find something within these pages that leaves you feeling better educated and helps you find the best breeder for your next puppy.

Jack Russell Terriers are known by many names: English Jack Russells, Irish Jack Russells, Jack Russell Terriers, and of course, simply Jack Russells. While there are some differences in the Jack Russell Terrier world, a Jack Russell - is a Jack Russell. What matters, is not what type or style you are considering - But rather the genetics behind the line and the breeding and socialization program the breeder practices.
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