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DOB: 4/17/2014
Rough Coat

Mabel x Mason

ABOUT CULLY: He is a gentle spirit and an enemy to none. He's a happy and easy going fella.

If Cully could live anywhere: I'm pretty sure this big fella would fit in just about anywhere. If you asked Cully though, he'd probably surprise you and say that he'd like to live somewhere like Alaska, Colorado or maybe even Nevada.
LIKES: He is quite smitten with Chloe and loves to play with her. They are truly really good friends and companions.

Favorite toy would be anything he can chew on.

Hanging out in the sun on a warm day.
DISLIKES: Being rushed to do anything.
Cully has low to average terrier instincts when it comes to prey drive (mice) and ball drive (retrieving & chasing). He is a very steady and sensible terrier. Cully is a very dog and people oriented little gentleman. Defense drives; Cully is gentle, never pushy with other dogs and always easy going. Average in energy, he is defiantly not over driven or hyper. In fact, he is quite mellow and laid back.