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DOB: 3/14/2019
Smooth Coat

Freckles x Toby

Scout is still young. She won't be bred until 2021.

ABOUT SCOUT: This little girl is the full package. She's fun, sweet, has a mellow side and is quite the observer.

If Scout could live anywhere: Scout would be happy nearly anywhere her boy Hudson is and that's Maine.

LIKES: Snuggles!

Sleeping with her 7yo boy Hudson at night.

Playing with her BFF Phoebe.

A new stinky bone to work on.

Raw food.
DISLIKES: When the cat won't play with her.
SCOUT has typical Terrier instincts when it comes to prey drive (retrieving, chasing balls & squirrels & trailing scents). Her pack drive is very high making her a wonderful little terrier who enjoys people. Defensive drives (fight or flight) are low - She is sound in this area.

The black and tan irish jack russell is also known as the hunt terrier in America. In Ireland they are just known as black and tan jack russells.