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DOB: 10/26/2016
COAT: Rough Coat

Inisheer x Tadhg

ABOUT CHLOE: She is the happiest little dog. She gets along with everyone and is always ready for a good time. She has a lovely disposition about her. Very sweet and loving!

If Chloe could live anywhere: This girl is one that dreams of New York City but doesn't quite have the confidence to go there. I'de say that makes her somewhat of a dreamer.
LIKES: Snuggles

Playing with all her friends

Meeting new people and dogs


Sleeping with her person Lucy at night and her cat Juliet
DISLIKES: Being alone.

Car rides. Strange for such a social girl but she gets car sick and that's no fun.

Chloe has typical Terrier instincts when it comes to prey drive (retrieving, chasing balls & squirrels & trailing scents). Her pack drive is very high making her a wonderful little terrier who enjoys people. Defensive drives (fight or flight) are low - She is sound in this area. Chloe is such a nice little pup. She's easy going and always ready for a good time.